The company is committed to the promotion of water and energy saving equipments for environmental protection. The water-saving equipments we produced in the past to 2022 has saved 271,722,839 metric tons of water. The energy-saving equipment has saved diesel consumption for 3,317,805 metric tons, and the CO2e emission was reduced by 9,276,485 metric tons.
This company was established in 1994, and was collaborated with American company; the main purposed of such collaboration was know-how transformation for Air cooler condenser, air cooler heat exchanger, air/oil heater, boiler and heat recovery equipment etc. First fin cooperation (FFC) was able to function independently since 1997. After complete up-grade of know-how and skill, FFC was capable of design and manufacture in a standard that makes us a competitive company in the world stage with some of the well known international company. ....more
Design、Plan、Manufacture、Assemble and Install of Heat Recovery Equipment
Design、Plan、Manufacture、Assemble and Install of Fin tube Heater Exchanger
Refit Water Heat Exchanger to Air Heat Exchanger
Design、Plan、Manufacture、Assemble and Install of Megtec Voc Incinerator
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